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Lawrence High students growing milkweed to help monarchs

In this column contributed to the Lawrence Times, Allie Lippe-Mackey, who teaches biology, astronomy and geology at Lawrence High School, describes a daylong school event with Monarch Watch staff, who taught students about monarchs and the role of milkweed in their life cycle.

Native fungi amendment shows promising results in organic crops

Can fungi used in restoring native landscapes boost organic crop production, too? Over the past two growing seasons, University of Kansas researcher Liz Koziol has measured the harvest of tomatoes, peppers and other crops to see if adding locally native mycorrhizal fungi to the soil makes a…

A walking labyrinth in Lawrence

Eminent American artist Janine Antoni’s “here-ing” labyrinth at the KU Field Station aims to foster listening, wholeness and healing of the body and the land.

Six students receive Kansas Biological Survey student research awards for 2023

The Kansas Biological Survey & Center for Ecological Research at the University of Kansas has awarded $6,500 in funding this spring for student research to be conducted this year. The research center’s 2023 Student Research Awards are providing six graduate students with funding in support of…

Haskell, University of Kansas work to bring underrepresented communities into lab sciences

This story about student research through KU’s Postbaccalaureate Research Education Program (PREP) leads with the work of Dori Summers, of the Baer Ecology Lab, on native grasses used in restoration of plowed land.

When a Kansas county wants people to plant milkweed but a city makes them rip it out

Across the Midwest, some city codes threaten people with fines for having milkweed on their property. But experts say many places have dropped those rules to support monarchs with urban and suburban butterfly gardens.

Kansas Biological Survey to host public forms about native grazing lands

In April, the Kansas Biological Survey & Center for Ecological Research will host two free public forums in Douglas County about native grazing lands.

Jim Bever named a Fellow of Ecological Society of America

Jim Bever, University of Kansas Foundation Distinguished Professor in the Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and a senior scientist at the Kansas Biological Survey & Center for Ecological Research, is one of seven scientists across the U.S. who have been named fellows of the…

Plant Health 101: How To Improve Crops Using Genomics & Genetics

In this episode of Finding Genius, Maggie Wagner, an assistant scientist at our research center and an assistant professor of ecology and evolutionary biology, discusses plant genetics and microbiome science, including her research on the genetic basis of plants' interactions with their environment…

Monarch butterfly numbers plummet despite recovery last winter, but 1 year never tells the whole story

The number of monarch butterflies that have survived the migration to Mexico this fall appears to have plummeted.

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