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Welcome to the KU Field Station

A local high school class visits the Rockefeller Prairie Trail.

The KU Field Station, the biological field station of the University of Kansas, was established in 1947. Its mission is to foster scholarly research, environmental education and science-based stewardship of natural resources.

The Field Station is situated within the grassland/forest transition zone (ecotone) of North America, where the eastern deciduous forest and tallgrass prairie biomes meet. Faculty, students and visiting researchers use the Field Station's diverse native and managed habitats, experimental systems, support facilities and long-term databases to undertake an a wide variety of scholarly activities. The Field Station is available to any person or group whose research, teaching, or conservation interests are compatible with our mission.

The Field Station is part of the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON), a 30-year, continentwide ecological monitoring project and one of the most extensive long-term initiatives in the history of the National Science Foundation.

It also holds membership in the Association of Ecosystem Research Centers and the Organization of Biological Field Stations.

The KU Field Station's main Research and Operations Center is at 350 Wild Horse Road, Lawrence, Kansas 66044. The main workshop number is 785-864-6000, but Field Station operations staff members are often in the field. Please contact the main number at the Kansas Biological Survey, 785-864-1500. If you are interested in conducting research at the KU Field Station, please see our application and guidelines for research use.


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