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Our research center makes every attempt to keep a complete, up-to-date list of our scholarly publications. This list dates back to 1949, just after the establishment of the KU Field Station, which we now manage. Enter keyword, year or author name to search all publications. In the full list, individual projects are listed by the publication title and the year of publication.

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Noxious and invasive weeds as medicine: An alternative for the pesticide treadmill and a way to reduce use of at-risk medicinal plants
Carbon sources in riverine food webs: New evidence from amino acid isotopic techniques
Challenges to reintroduction of a captive population of Topeka Shiner (Notropis Topeka) into former habitats in Kansas
Community management indicators can conflate divergent phenomena: Two challenges and a decomposition-based solution
Regardless of N-substrate, multiple fungal root endophytes isolated from pastures outgrow and outcompete those isolated from undisturbed sites
Regional and watershed scale analysis of red spruce habitat in the southeastern United States: Implications for future restoration efforts
Reproductive ecology of Asclepias meadii Torr. (Apocynaceae), a federally threatened species
Review: Field Life: Science in the American West during the Railroad Era
Soy moratorium impacts on soybean and deforestation dynamics in Mato Grosso, Brazil
Spatial variation in Allee effects influences patterns of range expansion
Spectral evidence of early-stage spruce beetle infestation in Engelmann spruce
Steyermark’s Flora of Missouri
The geography of spatial synchrony
Using unmanned aerial vehicles to sample aquatic ecosystems
Variation in Allee effects: Evidence, unknowns, and directions forward
Warmest extreme year in U.S. history alters thermal requirements for tree phenology
Weather whiplash in agricultural landscapes creates unforeseen implications for water quality
Nomenclatural novelties and notes in Penstemon (Plantaginaceae)
Occurrence of cyanobacteria, microcystin, and taste-and-odor compounds in Cheney Reservoir, Kansas
Open access increases citations of papers in ecology
Phyllosphere microbiota induce stronger negative feedbacks than soil microbiota in four native Asteraceae
Post-bank stabilization monitoring on the Cottonwood River: A fish survey
Predatory morphology and behaviour in Branchinella occidentalis (Dakin, 1914) (Branchiopoda: Anostraca: Thamnocephalidae)
Predicting cyanobacterial abundance, geosmin, and microcystin in a eutrophic drinking water reservoir using a 14-year dataset
Rapid surrogate testing of wavelet coherences
Review of the southern African Leptestheriidae (Branchiopoda: Spinicaudata) I: Redescription of Leptestheria brevirostris Barnard, 1924 with comments on diagnostic characters
Atmospheric CO2 mole fraction affects stand-scale carbon use efficiency of sunflower by stimulating respiration in light
Bacterial and archaeal ammonia oxidizers respond differently to long-term tillage and fertilizer management at a continuous maize site
Climate warming can accelerate carbon fluxes without changing soil carbon stocks
Comparison of five methods for parameter estimation under Taylor’s power law
Conversion of existing farm ponds to wetlands in agricultural landscapes for mitigation, land use treatment and conservation with a perspective toward climate change
Crop-associated virus infection in a native perennial grass: Reduction in plant fitness and dynamic patterns of virus detection
Development of Missouri Reference Wetlands
Effects of avpr1a length polymorphism on male social behavior and reproduction in semi-natural populations of prairie voles (Microtus ochrogaster)
Evolution and functionality of clasping in spinicaudatan clam shrimps (Crustacea: Branchiopoda), with a comparison to laevicaudatan and cyclestheridian clam shrimps
Factors affecting local, regional, and global scale cyanobacterial dominance and secondary metabolite occurrence
Floristic quality analysis and plot diversity for Cherokee and Labette County Trust Lands
Flower visitor communities are similar on remnant and reconstructed tallgrass prairies despite forb community differences
Fragmentation affects plant community composition over time
Habitat restoration and native grass conservation: a case study of Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum)
Harvesting and recolonization of wild populations of Oshá (Ligusticum porteri) in southern Colorado
High intraspecific genetic divergence in the versatile fairy shrimp Branchinecta lindahli with a comment on cryptic species in the genus Branchinecta (Crustacea: Anostraca)
Images are not and should not ever be type specimens: A rebuttal to Garraffoni & Freitas
Improved monitoring strategies for understanding greenhouse gas emissions from variable saturated landscapes
Investigating potential wetland development in aging Kansas reservoirs
Mating behaviour and effects of light on the fairy shrimp Branchinella kugenumaensis (Ishikawa, 1895): A vision dominated mating system
Morphology of mandibles and food size in two fairy shrimps (Branchiopoda: Anostraca) from Thailand
Multivariate metrics of niche space for use with diverse analytical techniques
New challenges in anostracan research
New challenges in anostracan research: A tribute to Graziella Mura