Suzanne Ecke McColl Nature Reserve

To walk the Roth Trail and connect with the rest of the trail system, park in the gravel circle and turnaround (west side of E. 1600 Road) adjacent to the Roth Trailhead at the McColl Reserve.

This 160-acre tract was purchased by KU Endowment in 2007 with funds provided through gifts from Robert and Suzanne Ecke McColl and many other donors. This land helps to secure and protect other core portions of the Field Station's northern tracts, the Fitch Natural History Reservation, adjacent to the east, and the Rockefeller Experimental Tract and Native Prairie, adjacent to the north. The McColl Reserve provides additional and contiguous habitats reserved for wildlife, as well as valuable and important land useful for conservation and habitat restoration research.

The McColl Reserve also has become a key focus area for public outreach and education initiatives, and teaching activities, and to aid these purposes several public nature trails traverse selected portions of the property.

2055 E 1600 Road
Lawrence , Kansas 66044