Anderson County Prairie Preserve

The Nature Conservancy acquired this 1,450-acre preserve in 1996 and turned management over to the Kansas Biological Survey & Center for Ecological Research in 2006. The preserve lies within a large functional landscape of 125,000 acres in the Unglaciated Tallgrass Prairie. This area is of critical importance as the easternmost protected large block of unbroken prairie east of the Flint Hills in Kansas. The goal for the preserve is to maintain and enhance native biodiversity within an imperiled tallgrass prairie ecosystem, protect rare plants and animals, and accommodate research, education and outreach. The preserve is open to all researchers whose interests are consistent with these goals. Likewise, teachers and resource professionals—with prior approval from our research center—are welcome to use the preserve for classes, workshops, demonstrations or informal visits. To request a non-research-oriented visit, please complete our webform regarding non-research use of the Field Station. The preserve is off U.S. Highway 59 near Welda, Kansas.