Jim Bever

Jim Bever
  • Senior Scientist
  • Foundation Distinguished Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Contact Info

35 Takeru Higuchi Hall, West Campus


B.S. in Biology (Honors), University of Illinois, 1984
M.S. in Biology, University of Michigan, 1987
Ph.D., Duke University, 1992


I am interested in testing basic ecological and evolutionary processes occurring within plants and their associated fungi. Much of the conceptual basis of ecology and evolution was developed with animals in mind. Plants and fungi differ from animals in important ways, including their motility, their nutrient acquisition systems and their genetic systems. Conceptual frameworks building on these peculiarities can be very useful in exploring the dynamics of populations and communities of plants and fungi. Developing, testing, and exploring the implications of these models and has been the goal of my work.

Research interests:

  • Ecology, Evolution, Microbial interactions and pathogenesis