The need for private gifts

Ecological research, by its nature, requires us to meet constantly shifting needs and to be prepared for unforeseen opportunities. Though our studies are supported by research grants, this funding is limited to narrowly specified activities within each individual study and cannot be transferred to support other projects.

Our daily operations, outreach, and maintenance of general-use facilities for research and public programming must be supported by other sources, including private funds.

In addition to carrying out our own research studies and outreach activities, we manage the 3,200-acre KU Field Station, which covers three separate sites (all within an hour's drive of KU's main campus) and serves as a resource for the entire University—including faculty and students in the arts, humanities and professional schools. The Field Station also includes areas that are open to the public and available for general use by students year-round.

Some of the needs your gift can help meet are:

  • seed money to cover costs associating with developing new research initiatives;
  • student scholarships;
  • maintenance of general-use teaching and outreach facilities and equipment;
  • maintenance of large-scale field research sites, as well as public trails;
  • a fleet of shared vehicles used for field research and teaching in Kansas and beyond;
  • public outreach programs.

Because our opportunities are ever-changing, our most crucial need is for endowed funds that provide broad support for research, education and outreach. We invite you to support our work by contributing according to your means. Every gift—large or small—makes an important difference, and 100 percent of your gift benefits our research center directly.