General rules for use of the KU Field Station

All users must have prior written approval and complete a site orientation. Researchers, team leaders and instructors are responsible for ensuring that all project personnel or participants receive a site orientation. In addition, all personnel must follow the rules listed below.

  • No smoking or pets allowed under any circumstances.
  • Do not make unauthorized collections or unnecessarily disturb the natural landscape.
  • Park only at designated sites either along the county roadways or within the confines of the Field Station.
  • Do not wander onto areas other than your designated site. Specifically avoid research sites of others.
  • Obtain approval of materials for marking all grids, transects or locations. Label all such materials with your name or initials.
  • Clean up your site when your project is complete.
  • Do not return to the area after the expiration date of your project without again obtaining permission.
  • Appropriate safety precautions must be used when working in aquatic environments (e.g., Cross Reservoir, ponds or tanks). Wearing of personal flotation devices and working with partners is highly recommended.
  • Use common sense when working on Field Station lands and facilities, and report any problems or concerns immediately.