Field Station user fees

The KU Field Station offers significant opportunities for environmental research, teaching and outreach. Diverse natural ecosystems, managed habitats, experimental facilities, laboratories, classrooms, meeting rooms and limited accommodations are available to individuals and groups whose activities are consistent with the Field Station’s mission.

The Field Station is administered and managed by the Kansas Biological Survey & Center for Ecological Research at KU. Most lands in the Field Station system are owned by the KU Endowment Association, and operation and maintenance is supported principally by KU, the research center and user fees. The Field Station, in some circumstances, may provide support to persons or groups lacking funds to pay user fees. For questions related to research use, including use of the Armitage Center and cabins, as well as non-research use (such as KU department retreats or class visits), contact Sheena Parsons (785-864-6070,

Special notes:

  • Fees for site use, facilities, equipment, staff time, the Armitage Center and housing should be included in grant proposals.
  • Researchers are required to consult with Field Station personnel before submitting a proposal involving the KU Field Station.
  • All requests for use must be made at least two weeks in advance. Fees and availability of facilities are subject to change.


User fees are less for KU personnel or projects (when funding has been subjected to KU Facilities & Administration) than for external users. Fees for use are presented in three tiers below in this format:  KU rate/Non-KU academic rate/External user rate. For information on event use of the Armitage Education Center, see the bottom of this page.

Research use

Research site use: $19/$29/$57 per person per day. Fees are assessed for each student, faculty member, staff member and any others on site for research purposes.

Laboratory space: $29/$44/$87 per day
Greenhouse space: $20/$30/$60 per day
Experimental ponds: $173/$262/$519 per month
Fiberglass tanks: $99/$150/$297 per month
Soil steam cart: $11/$17/$33 per use
ATV: $45/$68/$135 per day

On-site use only. Water/fire rig available on some units. Tractor: $116/$176/$348 per hour. Fee includes operator and attachments (tiller/disk/mower/backhoe/forks/etc.)

Use of field staff assistance: $62/$94/$186 per hour. Fee may be assessed for equipment operation, project implementation, project maintenance, consultation or other services.

Sleeping cabins for researchers staying on site: $23/$35/$69 per person per night. There are two small one-room cabins (A, with two beds; B, with four beds) with air-conditioning and heating units. Fee includes bed and access to full kitchen, sitting room, showers/restrooms and laundry in the Armitage Center.

Education and other group use

Site visit: $97/$147/$291 per class/group visit

Class/course visits, private tours or event use

Armitage Education Center: $123/$186/$369 per day. The Armitage Center includes a 550-square-foot meeting space with modular tables and seating (accommodates up to 50 people), an adjoining 325-square-foot entry room and a 250-square-foot kitchen with a small shaded porch and adjacent lawn area. Laboratory facilities may also be made available upon request, although subject to availability and an additional fee. Charges may be waived for short-term use of the Armitage Center in support of classes, field trips and events, but must be scheduled in advance.