Native prairies and forests in Douglas County, Kansas

Field of wildflowers
Akin Prairie in eastern Douglas County

Excellent examples of native prairie and forest can be found on public land in Douglas County. We invite you to visit them all.

Akin Prairie

Akin Prairie is a 16-acre prairie on private property southwest of Eudora that is protected by a conservation easement held by the Kansas Land Trust. The property is open to visitors during daylight hours. Google Map: Akin Prairie

Baker Wetlands

The Baker Wetlands consist of two tracts of original wet prairie that are part of a 927-acre wetland complex along the south side of Lawrence. More than 11 miles of trails are open to the public during daylight hours. Google Map: Baker Wetlands

Baldwin Woods Forest Preserve

The Baldwin Woods Forest Preserve is a KU research site that is open only through guided tours. Part of the KU Field Station, the Baldwin Woods Forest Preserve contains one of the first tracts of mature forest protected in the county. It is north of Baldwin City and bisected by E 1700 Road at N 500 Road.

Ivan Boyd Prairie Preserve

The Ivan Boyd Prairie Preserve is located on Highway 56 just east of Baldwin City. On this prairie one can see evidence of wagon ruts created by travel along the Santa Fe Trail in the 1800s. The Preserve is open to the public during daylight hours. "Black Jack Park" on Google Map: Ivan Boyd Prairie Preserve

Coblenz Marsh Road Prairie

Out of sight on the west side of Clinton Lake Wildlife Area, the Coblenz Marsh Road Prairie is a well-kept secret. Follow the map to get to this little gem. Google Map: Coblenz Marsh Road Prairie

Douglas County State Lake

The Douglas County State Lake is located between Baldwin City and Vinland and about mile east. On the east side of the lake several state-rare plant species thrive beneath the canopy of mature oaks and hickories. Google Map: Douglas County State Lake

Forest at Rockhaven Park

Forest at Rockhaven Park and along upper reaches of Rock Creek at Clinton Lake Wildlife Area. The most accessible tract of native forest is north of the public use area/equestrian campground at Rockhaven Park. Google Map: Forest at Rockhaven Park

Pioneer Cemetery Prairie

Located just south of Baldwin City, the beautiful Pioneer Cemetery Prairie boasts more than 150 different plant species. The cemetery was established in 1858 and contains headstones of early settlers. The site is owned and managed by the City of Baldwin and is open during daylight hours. Google Map: Pioneer Cemetery Prairie

Rockefeller Prairie

Located just north of the Douglas County line on the KU Field Station property, Rockefeller Prairie has a public ADA-compliant trail with interpretive signage provides access to native and restored prairie. Google Map: Rockefeller Prairie

Sanders Mound Prairie

Sanders Mound Prairie offers unique views of Clinton Lake as well as a wonderful diversity of native plants. Access to the prairie is gained by a trail leading from Overlook Park at Clinton Lake. Google Map: Sanders Mound Prairie