Make a gift

Private contributions from individuals and organizations provide key support for our research and the education associated with it. We invite you to support our work by contributing according to your means.

Our scientists and staff carry out top-flight research in a wide variety of areas. We also manage the university's 3,300-acre field station, which covers three separate sites (all within and hour's drive of KU's main campus) and serves as a resource not only for natural scientists but also for faculty and students in the arts, humanities and professional schools. In addition, we maintain educational areas of the Field Station that are open to the public year-round.

Much of this work must be initiated or accomplished without the support of research grants, which fund narrowly specified activities related to particular studies.

Our work, by its nature, requires us to meet constantly shifting needs, especially during the field season. Therefore, our most crucial need is for endowed funds that provide broad support for research, education and outreach.

Nevertheless, every gift—large or small—makes an important difference, and 100 percent of your gift benefits our research center directly. At any given time, the Kansas Biological Survey & Center for Ecological Research has many projects under way that support research, conservation and education.

Give online

You may give using a credit card through KU Endowment (a separate, secure site) to:

  • Our  Center for Ecological Research Endowment (greatest and most urgent needs of the overall research center);
  • KU Field Station: You may give to the Friends of the KU Field Station fund to support the field station's greatest and most urgent needs; specify any area of support, such as student research; or give to the Baldwin Woods Conservation Fund, which supports the Baldwin Woods portion of the field station.

Gifts by mail

Please make your check payable to KU Endowment and send a note indicating that your gift is for the Kansas Biological Survey & Center for Ecological Research or the KU Field Station to:

KU Endowment

P.O. Box 928

Lawrence, KS 66044-0928

Monthly installments

When you give online, you may indicate your preference to make your gifts in installments via automatic bank transfer, or credit or debit card. If you are mailing in your membership form and wish to make your gift in installments, please note your preference in an accompanying letter or contact KU Endowment via email ( or phone (785-832-7400 or 800-444-4201).

Matching gifts

Does your employer match charitable contributions? Remember to request a match and increase your gift. You can request a match whether you give online or send a check.

Major gifts

Major gifts can provide for vital needs such as named, endowed funds to support research, teaching and outreach. If you are interested in discussing a major gift or creating an endowed fund, please contact Sara Baer (, director of the Kansas Biological Survey & Center for Ecological Research, or Bryan Foster (, KU Field Station director.