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Kansas Biological Survey research

In the Survey's River Ecology Lab.

Research conducted by Survey scientists ranges widely, covering subjects including water quality, reservoir health, soil ecosystems, plant adaptation, management of prairie lands, mapping of land use and habitat, and much more. In addition to teaching, our faculty and staff engage 30 to 40 students directly in research each academic term. Researchers collaborate across scientific disciplines, and the KU Field Station is available for research to faculty and students in the professional schools, arts and humanities.

Survey scientists offer expertise for research collaboration and community service in variety of core areas:

  • plant/animal identification;
  • organism/habitat evaluation;
  • natural resources planning;
  • aquatic and terrestrial monitoring and assessment;
  • ecosystem structure, modeling and restoration;
  • field measurement and analytical chemistry;
  • geographic information systems technology;
  • remote sensing applications.

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