Monarch Watch

Children watch a Monarch caterpillar attach to a leaf to form a chrysalis.


Monarch Watch, an affiliate program with the Kansas Biological Survey, focuses on the annual North American migration of the Monarch butterfly, an indicator species for the need for pollinator habitat conservation. The program engages citizen scientists of all ages in large-scale research projects involving the tagging and tracking of migrating Monarchs. These projects produce significant data on the migration and the conservation issues related to it.

The program currently maintains its own website:, which provides a wealth of information on the biology and conservation of Monarch butterflies. Many children use the website as a resource for science fair projects or reports. Additionally, Monarch Watch encourages children to showcase their research or school projects on the website.

Since its inception in 1992, Monarch Watch has evolved into an electronically based program with the award-winning website, an active e-mail discussion list and a growing online community forum. The program involves more than 2,000 schools, nature centers, and other organizations in the U.S. and Canada, as well as an estimated more than 100,000 students and adults who participate in tagging activities each fall.

Monarch Watch has been widely covered in the national media.


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