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  • May 2011 Nebraska H2O Stream Bioassessment Workshop

May 2011 Nebraska H2O Stream Bioassessment Workshop

  • Date Held: 18-19 May 2011
  • Location:Grand Island, NE: Central Platte Natural Resources District Board Room
  • Attendance: 18


This 1½ day workshop for Nebraska Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4s) personnel introduced stream bioassessment methods, study design, and equipment. The participants had the opportunity to practice the methods on the Wood River which flows through Grand Island. Currently the MS4 personnel sample the end of pipe discharge that goes into streams, but rarely perform assessments of the stream ecological integrity. This workshop gave them the information they need to do such assessments if/when state and federal regulations require such monitoring.


Presentations (pdf)

PDF of field sites

Videos on youtube of Don Huggins discussing the upstream site on Wood River and Debbie Baker reviewing some forms.

Web sites and documents mentioned at the workshop



Volunteer Monitoring Programs

Don Huggins explaining stream assessment at the Wood River downsteam site in Grand Island.

Evaluating Wood River upstream of Grand Island:

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