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  • September 2002 Bioassessment Symposium

September 2002 Bioassessment Symposium

  • Date Held: 18 - 19 September 2002
  • Location: Big 12 Room, Kansas Union, University of Kansas, Lawrence KS
  • Attendance: 70 people from 12 states


The proceedings are available as a pdf (8.8mb). Click here to download.

Workshop Program - Download a pdf of the workshop program: (program.pdf)

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Central Plains Center for BioAssessment (CPCB) — U.S. EPA Region 7 — BioDevices Corporation — University of Kansas Continuing Education


To provide a forum for regional scientists to share information about the designation and implementation of biological assessments and criteria in Central Plains streams, lakes, and wetlands.


OWNERSHIP: Each pdf slideshow and all ideas, text, and images therein remain the exclusive property of the author of the presentation. If you are interested in using any part of a presentation, please request permission from the author or contact the Center.


Name Affiliation Online Resources Presentation Title
Click here to view all presentation abstracts at once: (Abstracts.doc)
R.T. Angelo KDHE, Topeka, KS Paper Response of Stream Biological Communities to Agricultural Disturbances in the Great Plains
R. Apfelbeck MT DEQ, Helena, MT Slides [2.57 MB] Application of Bioassessment Protocols for Making Aquatic Life Beneficial Use-Support Determinations in Montana
M. Barbour Tetra Tech, Inc. Slides [2.68 MB] Classification of Oklahoma Rivers and Preliminary Development of an Index of Biotic Integrity
R.W. Bouchard U Minnesota, St. Paul, MN Slides [1.14 MB] Assessment of Ecological Condition in Headwater Streams of the Central Plains
E. Carney KDHE, Topeka, KS Slides [50.5 KB]
The Kansas Wetland Survey
M.D. Delong Winona State U, Winona, MN Slides [1.29 MB] Food Webs of the Great Rivers of the Central Basin: Application of Stable Isotopes in Bioassessment
B. Hayford Wayne State Coll., Wayne, NE Slides [685 KB] Volunteer Stream Monitoring in Northeastern Nebraska
J.C. Holz U Nebraska, Lincoln, NE Slides [2.69 MB] ??? Development of a Comprehensive Lake and Reservoir Classification Strategy for Nebraska as a Model for Agricultural Dominated Ecosystems
M.E. Houts U Kansas, Lawrence, KS Slides [10.0 MB] Using Aerial Photography and Satellite Imagery to Monitor Changes in the Vegetation of Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Area
D.G. Huggins CPCB, Lawrence, KS Slides [730 KB] Dissolved Oxygen Flux,Nutrients, and Community Productivity in Some Central Plains Streams: What We Know and What We Think We Know!
R. A. Kuhnle USDA ARS, Oxford, MS Slides [1.32 MB]  ??? Developing Linkages between Clean Sediment Indices and Biological Impairment
M. Lammert Nature Conservancy, Chicago, IL Slides [3.64 MB] ??? An Assessment of Freshwater Biodiversity in the Central Mixed-Grass Prairie Ecoregion
K. Mulder EPA Region 7, Kansas City, KS Slides [1.08 MB] Wetlands Monitoring: The Big Picture
B.C. Poulton USGS, Columbia, MO Slides [1.83 MB] Big Muddy Bioassessment: Can Biocriteria Be Developed for the Lower Missouri River?
C. R. Rabeni USGS, Columbia, MO   Biomonitoring Intermittent Streams Using Benthic Invertebrates
R.G. Rhodes Southwest MO State, Springfield, MO Slides [2.69 MB] ??? An Overview of Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs): Diversity and Dynamics of Toxic Algae in Freshwater Lakes and Marine Habitats
Poster Presentations (not available for online viewing)
N.M. Davis Wichita State U, Wichita, KS   Gypsum Creek Stream Restoration Project
P. Gagnon Nature Conservancy Chicago, IL   Development of a Multimetric Aquatic Stressors Index for the Central Mixed-Grass Prairie Ecoregion
A. Severn U Nebraska, Lincoln, NE   Reservoir Classification in Agriculturally Dominated Ecosystems
B.A. Wilson U Kansas, Lawrence, KS   Environmental Impact Assessment of Three Anti-Microbial Chemicals

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