What is the CPCB?

Measuring sediment at Banner Creek KS.

Measuring sediment at Banner Creek KS.

The Central Plains Center for BioAssessment (CPCB) is a non-regulatory and non-management aquatic research organization nested within the Kansas Biological Survey (KBS) at the University of Kansas.

We work closely with state, tribal, federal, and academic scientists, and other public entities in USEPA Region 7 (Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska), to collaborate on and research issues of aquatic ecology and water quality.

The benefits of having a Center to facilitate these regional efforts are:

  • The presence of a non-regulatory scientific entity capable of responding to technical needs of the region;
  • Increased exchange of information among the four states via workshops and a web site;
  • Availability of technical assistance; Standardization of methods within and between regional agencies;
  • Increased networking among agencies with similar goals and responsibilities; Symposia to encourage open exchange of information and ideas; and
  • Assistance in the coordination of regional-based aquatic criteria within USEPA Region 7.

Director Donald Huggins created the Center for BioAssessment in 1998 to assist with the coordination of regional-based nutrient criteria and biocriteria for waterbodies of USEPA Region 7. Since inception, the center has expanded its work to include assisting the USEPA Region 7 REMAP program, USEPA National Surveys, the National Park Service, the State of Kansas, and local schools and universities. Please see our Research and Projects section for details of these studies.


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