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Vegetation assessment of Fort Riley Military Reservation, Kansas

2010 to 2012
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Fort Riley, Kansas


This project will allow KBS to update information and to examine general trends in vegetation patterns (woody species, weeds, native prairies) since 2003 on the Fort Riley Military Reservation in Riley and Geary counties in Kansas. Research goals of the project are :
1) survey and assess the current condition of vegetation in an 800-acre tract formerly in the Impact Area that was not surveyed in 2002/2003;
2) compare coverage of woody vegetation across the installation between 2002 and current;
3) compare current coverage of Lespedeza cuneata with prior surveys;
4) conduct follow-up assessments of floristic quality (FQA) on prairies identified in 2002/2003 and examine trends;
5) update, as needed, the general vegetation map prepared in 2002/2003;
6) document locations of protected animal and plant species; and
7) compare current coverage of Robinia pseudoacacia with prior surveys.
The research will be conducted during a two-year period beginning in September 2010.



United States Department of Defense, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

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