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Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Flood Assessment - 2007

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Barton County


At the request of the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP), the Kansas Applied Remote Sensing (KARS) program at the Kansas Biological Survey used its aerial imaging system to acquire imagery over the Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Area to document the extreme high water levels that occurred in June of 2007. The individual images (127 of them) were geo-referenced, projected, and mosaiced to create a seamless image that followed the entire perimeter of the high-water line. Only the perimeter was processed because the high water covered all the features in the interior that could be used as reference points for geo-registering and rectifying the images. The high-water line was then digitized to create a digital data layer that could be overlaid on other data sets such as land cover, property lines, or roads for further analysis.


A view looking south across the rest area/overlook on highway 156.  The road is about 20 feet above surrounding CBWA ground levels and water would not normally be visible anywhere in this view.


U.S. EPA Region VII R-EMAP Program
National Park Service

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