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Post-bank stabilization monitoring on the Cottonwood River – a fish survey

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Cottonwood River, Lyon Co. KS


In 2014 the Kansas Water Office (KWO) performed a stabilization project on bends of the Cottonwood River south of the town of Emporia in order to reduce sediment delivery into John Redmond Reservoir.  However, the US Fish and Wildlife Service deemed similar construction in the Neosho River just below the confluence with the Cottonwood River as possibly harmful to the federally threatened Neosho Madtom (Noturus placidus) (USFWS 2010).  In anticipation of a similar ruling on this projected work, in 2013 and 2015 we performed pre- and post-construction evaluation of six sites on the river, including fish seining and channel and sediment measurements.  We continued this work in July 2017 with a 2nd post-construction evaluation of the sites. Click to download final report (pdf).

Seining the river to determine fish community.  Benthic insectivorous fish were identified and enumerated, and catfish lengths recorded.

Sieving substrate to document the representative gravel bar material size distribution (Rosgen 2000).

Gravelometer used in the Wolman (1954) pebble count procedure​ to document the representative size distribution of channel bed materials.


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