Andrew Karlin

Andrew Karlin
  • Research Technician, Aquatic Ecology Lab

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143 Takeru Higuchi Hall


Andrew’s master’s research focused on Kansas freshwater mussels. After graduating, he surveyed streams as a seasonal ecological technician for the Kansas Dept. of Wildlife and Parks, and later held several positions in Prof. Mark Pegg’s lab at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. While at UNL, he worked on a freshwater mussel reintroduction project, monitored fish and invertebrate communities in restored side channels of the Platte River, sampled fish in the Platte and Missouri Rivers, and worked with a large-scale acoustic telemetry project monitoring channel catfish movement in the Red River of the North.


B.S. in Biology (zoology specialty), Fort Hays State University, 2014
M.S. in Biology (aquatic ecology focus), Fort Hays State University, 2017