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Interpretive signage on our trails (PDFs)

The bee hotel and sign on the Rockefeller Prairie Trail.

As we have developed our signage system for our trails, we have carefully considered the balance between respecting the natural environment and providing information that deepens the visitor's experience and respect for that environment. The links below will bring up PDF files of the interpretive signs placed at Field Station trailheads and along trails.

I. Map of trail system (at all trailheads)

II. Fitch Trailhead (set of three signs under shelter)
Left sign: A changing landscape
Center sign: Welcome to the Fitch Natural History Reservation
Right sign: A case study in ecological succession

III. Rockefeller Prairie Trailhead shelter
1. Interpretive signage about the Rockefeller Tract

Upper left: Shaping the prairie landscape
Upper center: Welcome to the Rockefeller Prairie Trail
Upper right: Features of the Rockefeller Tract

2. Architecture student design/build projects on the trail and donor acknowledgement
Lower left, Rockefeller Prairie Trail student projects: Trailhead shelter
Lower center: Thank you
Lower right: Rockefeller Prairie Trail student projects: Kaw Valley Overlook

IV. Set of eight interpretive signs along the Rockefeller Prairie Trail
Station 1, The Rockefeller Prairie Experiment, 1957-present
Station 2, Red cedar ecology
Supporting our native bees (at the bee hotel along the trail between Stations 2 and 3)
Station 3, Conservation and prairie restoration
Station 4, Fire and native communities
Station 5, The Rockefeller Native Prairie
Station 6, Soil erosion
Station 7, The changing landscape (at the Kaw Valley Overlook deck)

V. Roth Trail
Trailhead sign (west side of rammed-earth trailhead structure): The Stan and Janet Roth Trailhead




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