KU Field Station: Tours

Survey scientist Craig Freeman leads an early spring tour of the Rockefeller tract.

The Kansas Biological Survey provides public tours of various KU Field Station sites each year. In addition, private tours of specific sites are provided for KU classes, academic groups, school and community groups, and organizations. The most popular sites for tours are the Rockefeller Native Prairie, the Fitch Natural History Reservation, the Native Medicinal Plant Research Garden, the Baldwin Woods Forest Preserve and the Anderson County Prairie Preserve. Our intent is to encourage public enjoyment of the Field Station. We receive many requests for tours and try to meet as many of them as we can. Please contact Sheena Parsons, Field Station Manager, 785-864-6000, sheenap@ku.edu; or Kirsten Bosnak, Communications Director, 785-864-6267 or moonfarm@ku.edu.




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