Vahid Rahmani

Assistant Professor of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Kansas State University
Adjunct Researcher, Kansas Biological Survey
Primary office:
129 Higuchi Hall


Academic degrees and positions
Ph.D., Biological and Agricultural Engineering (Water Resources Engineering), Kansas State University, 2014
M.Sc., Civil and Environmental Engineering, Shiraz University, Iran, 2009 (Honors)
B.S., Civil and Environmental Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran, 2007

Selected awards
Governor's Award, graduate research poster, Annual Conference on the Future of Water in Kansas, 2013 and 2014
National Science Foundation National EPSCoR Conference, Representative for the State of Kansas, 2013
Kansas State Capitol Graduate Research Summit, Kansas State University Representative, 2013
Sigma Xi Interdisciplinary Research Award, 2012 and 2013
National Science Foundation EPSCoR Research Assistantship, 2011-2014

Program affiliations
Reservoir Assessment Program, Kansas Applied Remote Sensing, Central Plains Center for BioAssessment

Areas of specialization
Water resources engineering, extreme weather events, reservoir sedimentation, water supply management

Research interests
Vahid has experience in spatiotemporal analysis of precipitation events. He studies extreme weather events, surface water hydrology, and water supply management. Recently he has been working on the impacts of climate change on sedimentation in small ponds and large reservoirs.

Selected publications

Rahmani, V., S. L. Hutchinson, J. M. S. Hutchinson, and A. Anandhi (2014), Extreme Daily Rainfall Event Distribution Patterns in Kansas, Journal of Hydrologic Engineering, 19(4), 707-716.

Rahmani, V., S. L. Hutchinson, J. A. Harrington, Jr., J. M. S. Hutchinson, and A. Anandhi (2015), Analysis of Temporal and Spatial Distribution and Change-points for Annual Precipitation in Kansas, USA, International Journal of Climatology, 35(13), 3879-3887, DOI: 10.1002/joc.4252.

Rahmani, V., S. L. Hutchinson, J. A. Harrington, Jr., and J. M. S. Hutchinson (2015), Analysis of Frequency and Magnitude of Extreme Rainfall Events in Kansas and Potential Impacts on Flooding, International Journal of Climatology, DOI: 10.1002/joc.4577.

Anandhi, A., S.L. Hutchinson, J.A. Harrington Jr., V. Rahmani, M. Kirkham, and C.W. Rice (2016), Changes in Spatial and Temporal Trends in Wet, Dry, Warm, and Cold Spell Length or Duration Indices in Kansas, USA, International Journal of Climatology, DOI: 10.1002/joc.4619‚Äč.

Schroeder,  A. J., J. J. Gourley, J. D. Hardy, J. Henderson, P. Parhi, V. Rahmani, K. A. Reed, R. S. Schumacher, B. K. Smith, and M. J. Taraldsen (2015), The Development of a Flash Flood Severity Index, Journal of Hydrology. In review.

Rahmani, V., J.H. Kastens, F. deNoyelles, M.E. Jakubauskas, E.A. Martinko, D.G. Huggins, C. Gnau, P.M. Liechti, S.W. Campbell, R.A. Callihan, and A.J. Blackwood (2015), Examining Storage Capacity Loss and Sedimentation Rate of Large Reservoirs in the U.S. Great Plains, in review.

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