Understanding our environment

Maarten Eppinga

Visiting Scientist, Bever/Schultz Laboratory
Senior Scientist, University of Zurich
Primary office:


Program afflilation
Bever/Schultz Research Laboratory

Area of specialization
Ecological modeling of plant-soil feedbacks

Research interests
I share an interest with the Bever/Schultz lab in improving our understanding of how plant-soil feedbacks structure multi-species plant communities. Specifically, I use modelling approaches to build a bridge between experimental observations of pair-wise plant species interactions, and field observations of continental-scale patterns of plant community coexistence and diversity.  

Selected publication
Eppinga, M.B., Baudena, M., Johnson, D.J., Jiang, J., Mack, K.M.L., Strand, A.E. and Bever, J.D. 2018. Frequency-dependent feedback constrains plant community coexistence. Nature Ecology and Evolution 2: 1403-1407.  

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