LeeAnn Bennett

Senior Research Assistant/Entomological Specialist
Primary office:
41 Higuchi Hall


Academic degrees
M.A., Biology (Entomology), University of Kansas, 2000
B.A., Psychology, University of Kansas, 1992
B.A., General Biology, University of Kansas, 1986

Program affiliations
Central Plains Center for BioAssessment

LeeAnn's work is diverse, including data analysis, editing, training students and working with actual specimens. She curates aquatic invertebrate specimens collected during research field projects and also teaches and supervises students in insect identification and field data analysis. In addition, she develops databases for field data collection and provides graphical and statistical analysis of data trends. LeeAnn also coordinates preparation, revision, and editing of scientific and technical publications.

Areas of specialization
Aquatic entomology, insect behavior and taxonomy, algal taxonomy

Selected publications

Baker, D., R. Everhart, D. Huggins, L. Bennett, A. Blackwood. 2014. Biological impairment in three Kansas reservoirs and associated lotic ecosystems due to sediment and nutrients. Kansas Biological Survey, Lawrence, KS 178:39.

Liechti, Paul M., Jerry deNoyelles, and LeeAnn Bennett. 2011. Response of Phytoplankton Composition to Fish Removal in Marion Reservoir. Open-File Report 169. Kansas Biological Survey, Lawrence, KS. 15pp.


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