Understanding our environment

David Goldhammer

Affiliate Scientist
Primary office:
36 Higuchi Hall

Academic degrees
Ph.D., Aquatic Entomology, University of Kansas, 1995
M.S., Forest Entomology, University of Arkansas, 1985
B.S., Biological Sciences, Illinois State University, Normal, Ill., 1985
A.S., Biology, Lincolnland College, Springfield, Ill., 1983

W. J. Baerg Award for Outstanding M.S. Student

Area of specialty
Taxonomic identification of freshwater macroinvertebrates

Research interests
The main focus of David's research is the identification of macroinvertebrates in partnership with public and private organizations to assess the current community structure of lakes and streams. This information is used in conjunction with other criteria to determine the effect of point source pollutants on the water quality of the watershed.

Please refer to David's CV for a list of his publications.