Dan Reuman

Senior Scientist, Kansas Biological Survey
Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Primary office:
156 Higuchi Hall


Academic degrees
Ph.D., Mathematics, University of Chicago, 2002
M.S., Mathematics, University of Chicago, 1998
B.A., Mathematics, Harvard University, 1996 (Magna Cum Laude)

Program affiliation
KU Ecosystems Research Group

Area of specialization
Quantitative ecology

Research interests
Dan and his team use a combination of mathematical, statistical and computational methods, and field and laboratory data to study topics in population, community and global change ecology. Interests include: large-scale meta-population dynamics and synchrony; variation in and causes of food web and community structure; inference for mechanistic ecological models, prediction in ecology, and mechanisms governing community dynamics; landscape structure and history and their effects on biodiversity; body mass allometries and metabolic ecology; climate and other human impacts on ecosystems.

Dan Reuman is currently a James S. McDonnell Foundation Complex Systems Scholar.

Please refer to Dan's CV for a list of his publications.

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