Understanding our environment

Caleb Robbins

Postdoctoral Researcher, River Ecology Laboratory
Primary office:
101 Takeru Higuchi Hall


Academic degrees
Ph.D., Biology, Baylor University, 2018
B.S., Biology, Harding University, 2012

Program affiliation
River Ecology Laboratory (directed by Jim Thorp, Senior Scientist, Kansas Biological Survey, and KU Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)

Areas of specialization
Lotic ecosystems, biogeochemistry, organic matter dynamics

Caleb’s dissertation focused on the spatial and temporal patterns and ecosystem functions of labile dissolved organic carbon. He has also worked on the influence of terrestrial-aquatic linkages on stream nitrogen dynamics. At the University of Kansas,he is studying how large scale geomorphic factors control the importance of terrestrial organic matter in riverine food webs.

Please see Caleb's publications on Google Scholar

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