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Presentations and Technical Documents

You have permission to download these documents, but please acknowledge the proper authors. As we like to know how useful our products are to the public, we would also appreciate a short email from you telling what you downloaded and for what purpose. For more information about these products, please contact us at 785-864-1551, or email Debbie Baker at dbaker@ku.edu.

CPCB Presentations, Posters, and Publications

Don Huggins contributed to Special Publication 31 Assessing the Health of Streams in Agricultural Landscapes: The Impacts of Land Management Change on Water Quality (pdf) of the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST, visit website to purchase printed copy). Don presented this information to congressional staff and the EPA in Washington DC. See the KU News Release.

The Winter 2011 NALMs LakeLine publication features Great Plains Lakes. See our articles: Lake and Wetlands of the Great Plains by Don Huggins, Mark Jakubauskas, and Jude Kastens AND Lakes of the Nebraska Sandhills by Barbara Hayford and Debbie Baker

2011 Mar. 14-19 National Military Fish & Wildlife Association - BASICS OF BIOASSESSMENT - The Use of Biological Information in Aquatic Resource Management. Huggins and Baker

2010 April 3 Schlagle Library, Wyandotte Co. Lake, KS - Aquarium as an ecosystem. CPCB.

2010 March 17-19 Missouri River Natural Resources Conference, Nebraska City, NE - Applications of a GIS Floodplain Mapping Model – valley identification, connectivity indexing, and emergency management. Kastens, Baker, Huggins, and Dobbs

2010 Feb. Kansas Natural Resources Conference.  Wichita, KS.  Estimating historic biological integrity in wadeable streams of the Central Plains – a disturbance gradient approach. Baker and Huggins  (poster)

2008 March 6 Sediment Research Strategy Workshop, Topeka, KS - Impact of Sedimentation on Biological Resources A Sediment Issue White Paper Report prepared for the State of Kansas. Donald G. Huggins, Robert C. Everhart, Andrew Dzialowski, Debra S. Baker, James Kriz

2005 Metadata KBS Lunch Talk, Debbie Baker

Dissolved Oxygen Bibliography - Click here to view a bibliography of literature about dissolved oxygen and aquatic systems.

Taxonomic Synonymy of Kansas Fish Collections 1855-1995.  - Stephen G. Haslouer, KDHE. [.pdf file (2 MB)]

Description and Protocol for Two Quantitative Periphyton Samplers Used for Multihabitat Stream Sampling

Executive Summary: Management of Nonpoint Source Pollution - An Interactive GIS-ANNAGNPS Model
Volume 1 - Users Manual
Volume 2 - Procedures of Data Preparation
Volume 3 - Procedures of MUUF Data Conversion

A powerpoint presentation about CPCB projects (2004)

Missouri Department of Natural Resources

These documents are used for biocriteria development in Missouri streams:

National Park Service

NPS Baseline Water Quality Data reports (1997) for each park in the Heartland Network - see our NPS project page for a map and 2006 reports. 

Code Park Unit
ARPO Arkansas Post National Memorial
BUFF Buffalo National River
CUVA Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area
EFMO Effigy Mounds National Monument
GWAC George Washington Carver National Monument
HEHO Herbert Hoover National Historic Site
HOME Homestead National Monument of America
HOCU Hopewell Culture National Historic Park
HOSP Hot Springs National Park
LIBO Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial
PIPE Pipestone National Monument
PERI Pea Ridge National Memorial Park
TAPR Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve
OZAR Ozark National Scenic Riverways
WICR Wilson's Creek National Battlefield

A descriptive project summary is available for download in Adobe .pdf fomat [Download .pdf]

The following reports (2006) are available from this project:

Environmental Protection Agency

National Management Measures to Control Nonpoint Source Pollution from Agriculture

National Management Measures to Control Nonpoint Source Pollution from Urban Areas

National Handbook of Conservation Practices

Summary of Biological Assessment Programs and Biocriteria Development for States, Tribes, Territories, and Interstate Commissions: Streams and Wadeable Rivers

Biological Criteria: National Program Guidance for Surface Waters

Case Study: Montgomery County, MD, Uses Biological Monitoring to Better Understand and Manage Watersheds

EPA Core List for an Environmental Reference Collection

Watershed Protection: Clean Lake Case Study: Watershed and In-lake Practices Improve Green Valley Lake, Iowa

Lake and Reservoir Bioassessment and Biocriteria Technical Guidance Document

Rapid Bioassessment Protocols for Use in Streams and Wadeable Rivers: Periphyton, Benthic Macroinvertebrates, and Fish


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