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Sediment Workgroup

CPCB facilitates a regional sediment workgroup consisting of aquatic ecologists, biologists, and hydrologists from throughout EPA Region 7 to evaluate linkages between sediment indicators and biological indicators within streams of the Central Plains region. The overall goal of this project is to promote the identification, quantification, and understanding of sediment and sediment erosion processes on aquatic life.

In order to accomplish the project goals, the workgroup will 1) continue to identify and assess current sediment/aquatic resource information relative to regional needs; 2) conduct an exhaustive literature search to compile existing data on relationships between sediment indicators and associated biological indicators in streams throughout the United States; 3) collect and organize regional data on sediment and biological indicators from organizations and researchers within Region 7, and 4) use multivariate statistical analyses to evaluate relationships between sediment and biological indicators. The results from these analyses will be used to develop a second year proposal designed to test specific hypotheses regarding linkages between sediment and biological indicators within streams of the Central Plains region. Combined, this research will provide the framework for assessing sediment impairment within the Central Plains region and for the development of sediment-related TMDLs.

Final reports
Huggins, D.G, R.C. Everhart, A. Dzialowski, J. Kriz, and D.S. Baker. 2007. Impact of Sedimentation on Biological Resources: A Sediment Issue White Paper Report prepared for the State of Kansas. Open-file Report No. 146. Kansas Biological Survey, Lawrence, KS. 23 pp. ~download from CPCB library~

Huggins, D.G, R.C. Everhart, A. Dzialowski, J. Kriz, and D.S. Baker. 2007. Effects of Sedimentation on Biological Resources. p.35-46 in Sedimentation in Our Reservoirs: Causes and Solutions, Kansas State University, June 2008. Contribution no. 08-250-S from the Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station. 143pp. ~download from KSU website~

Summary matrix
Providing station, station name, agency name, drainage area: --Click for matrix--

Coordinates of mapped sites were taken from the ArcView coverages provided below – integrated into the above summary matrix.

--All KSSCC, NSL, KDWP, KDHE, & KBS stream sites, USEPA Region VII--

--All sites with geomorphology & biological data in Kansas--

--All sites with sediment & biological data in Kansas--

--All sites with geomorphology, sediment, & biological data in Kansas--

Summary of data and activities


Click for a list of literature references

ArcView coverages



Surveys.zip: Compressed shape file. This shape file contains the location of all geomorphic surveys performed by the Kansas Water Office and SCC. The tables contain an id number, latitude, and longitude. You can use the id number of the point data to match the survey number on the attached excel spreadsheet.
final-appendix-E.xls: The spreadsheet contains the survey number, USGS gage name, gage number, and some geomorphic data.
description handout.doc: Description of the grant project.
bio-data.zip: Contains to shape files (bio-1999 and bio-2000). These two shape files show locations where KDWP performed biological surveys with the geomorphic surveys. Once again the tables for these shape files contain an id number, latitude, and longitude. The id number can be matched with the spreadsheet survey number to find USGS gage name and number.
The shape files are all projected to the following:
Projection: Lambert Conformal Conic
Spheroid: Clarke 1866
Central Meridian: -98.25
Reference Latitude: 36
Standard Parallel 1: 33
Standard Parallel 2: 45
False Easting: 0
False Northing: 0
If you have any questions about this data, please let me know.
Brock Emmert, , Stream Specialist, State Conservation Commission, 109 SW 9th St., Suite 500, Topeka, KS 66612-1299



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