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National Wadeable Streams Assessment

2004 to 2005
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USEPA Regions 6 and 7


In 2005, CPCB assisted with the EPA’s National Wadeable Stream Assessment (WSA). The goals of the WSA are to provide a status report on the condition and health of the wadeable streams of the U.S., help build State capacity for monitoring and assessment, and improve the comparability and integration of State monitoring and assessment methods. TetraTech coordinated activities among the 34 states involved in the project.

Prior to beginning our fieldwork, which took place in Nebraska and Texas, CPCB hosted the EPA training workshop for Region 6 and 7 (led by TetraTech). Crews and labs were trained to use EMAP protocols. EMAP later became the National Aquatic Resource Surveys.

CPCB identified the macroinvertebrates collected in Nebraska, Texas, Iowa, Kansas, and Oklahoma, and processed periphyton samples using CPCB protocols (pdf).

Sample Location
CPCB sampled 10 randomly selected streams in the South Central Arid Plains Region of Texas, and 9 randomly selected streams in Nebraska. CPCB also sampled an additional 3 reference streams in Nebraska. CPCB completed laboratory analysis of chlorophyll levels in 87 periphyton and water column samples collected in Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas. CPCB also identified or subcontracted 149 macroinvertebrate samples from streams located in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, and the SCSAP of Texas. Search the USEPA webpage for their pdf map showing the South Central Arid Plains Region.


Click for periphyton data analyzed by CPCB (MSAccess, 388kb).

The CPCB macroinvertebrate dataset is available upon request. USEPA processed the chemistry samples and the field sheets (physical habitat, riparian, etc.) and that data can also be obtained. For more information, please contact Debbie Baker.

For data from the entire nation, browse the EPA National Aquatic Resource Surveys website.

Analysis, Results, or Reports

Click for EPA's final report (pdf).

Maps, Images, or Photos

Recording stream bank angle in Texas.

Recording the bank angle of a stream in Texas.

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