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Human and natural forcings of critical zone dynamics and evolution at the Calhoun Critical Zone Observatory 2013
Impact assessment of the proposed Lawrence waste water treatment plant on the Wakarusa River: a long-term monitoring/assessment strategy. Wakarusa River, Lawrence, Kansas 2013
Investigation of ER alpha expression on male behavior under field conditions. 2013
Kansas species conservation partnership. 2013
Kansas State Mosquito Surveillance Kansas 2013
Management of protected and sensitive species data for environmental review and state wildlife conservation planning Kansas 2013
New sources of nutritional properties from plants. 2013
Orange County Branchiopod Crustacean Preserve Egg Bank Study Orange County, California 2013
Playa mapping and assessment. Kansas 2013
Post-Bank Stabilization Fish Monitoring on the Cottonwood River Cottonwood River, Lyon Co. KS 2013
Post-bank stabilization monitoring on the Neosho River – a fish survey. Neosho River, Lyon Co., KS 2013
Potawatomie Macroinvertebrate Sampling Kansas Biological Survey 2013
San Diego River Macroinvertebrate Sample Identification San Diego, California 2013
San Diego River Macroinvertebrate Sample Identification II San Diego, California 2013
Seasonal Wetland Crustacean Identifications Kansas Biological Survey 2013
SLIE Database setup and query procedure. 2013
South Platte DEM Processing and SLIE Development. 2013
Stateview Program Development and Operations for the State of Kansas, 2013-2014 Kansas 2013
Teichert Quarry Branchiopod Crustacean Egg Bank Study Sacramento, California 2013
The Kansas Lakes and Reservoirs Data Portal. 2013


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