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Enter keyword, year, or other criterion to search all research projects. In the full list, individual projects are listed by the project name and the year the project began.

Kansas Land Cover Mapping Initiative: A 10-year update, Phase II. 2016
Local ecosystem workshop for 6-12 Kansas educators 2016
Maximizing perennial crop diversity, soil management, and soil microbes in sustainable agriculture. 2016
Mosquito taxonomic identification. 2016
Post-bank stabilization monitoring on the Cottonwood River – a fish survey Cottonwood River, Lyon Co. KS 2016
Reaeration and dissolved gas laboratory analysis. 2016
Renovation of 21 experimental ponds: Empty basins, repair plumbing, scrape and smooth bottoms. 2016
Soil Microbial Communities: Critical roles in Control of Non-Native Invasive Species and restoration of Ecosystem Functions. 2016
State View Program Development and Operations for the State of Kansas. 2016
WA3: Spring Creek (Fort Collins, Colo.) LiDAR DEM Processing and SLIE Development. 2016
Assessing microbial community phylogeny and diversity along a natural climate gradient 2015
Can improving predictions of soil oxygen dynamics increase understanding of greenhouse gas hotspots and hot moments? 2015
Collaborative research: Hierarchical functioning of river macrosystems in temperate steppes—from continental to hydrogeomorphic patch scales. U.S. and Mongolia 2015
Connecting soil O2 and greenhouse gas fluxes 2015
Conversion of existing farm ponds to wetlands in agricultural landscapes for mitigation, land use treatment, and conservation with a perspective toward climate change. 2015
Data sharing agreement for the management of protected and sensitive species data. 2015
Diagnostic study of the lakes Laborde (or lake Cocoyer), Lachaux, and Douat to identify zones of protection. Haiti 2015
Dissertation research: Historical changes in food web structure of large rivers 2015
Ecosystems soil O2 and GHG model 2015
Estimating stream bank sediment loads from the mainstem of the Cottonwood and Neosho rivers between Marion and Council Grove reservoirs and John Redmond Reservoir. 2015


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