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Enter keyword, year, or other criterion to search all research projects. In the full list, individual projects are listed by the project name and the year the project began.

Vernal pool crustacean hatching phenology study 2017
Vernal pool crustacean surveys 2017
Vernal pool restoration monitoring 2017
2016 NPS Guam Shrimp sample program. 2016
A foundation for a biogeography of synchrony. 2016
A study in the integration of Western knowledge and Native American knowledge bases. 2016
Ambrosia collections 2016
Amending below for aboveground growth: Using arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal inoculations to improve growth and ecosystem services in perennial polycultures. 2016
CHAT GIS and metadata manager. 2016
CNH-L: Scale-dependent feedbacks among protected areas and surrounding socio-ecological systems. 2016
Collaborative research: Fire-fungal feedbacks in pyrogenic ecosystems. 2016
Collaborative research: Interactive effects of exogenous and endogenous SPA. 2016
Data Sharing and Cooperative Agreement between the State Natural Heritage Program and NatureServe. 2016
Development of wetlands in aging reservoirs: Opportunities to enhance wetland capacity and improve water quality. 2016
Dissertation research: Assessing multi-scale drivers of pollinator assembly and plant-pollinator network architecture in the context of prairie restoration. 2016
Eco-evolutionary dynamics of AMF mutualism. 2016
Environmental stress as a driver of novel mutualism formation 2016
Examining water and sediment storage capacity in small impoundments: Sediment capturing opportunity in the upstream of the watersheds. 2016
Floristic quality and breeding bird assessment of sites in southeast Kansas. 2016
Innovations in global flood inundation modeling for improved geospatial analysis. 2016


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