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Enter keyword, year, or other criterion to search all research projects. In the full list, individual projects are listed by the project name and the year the project began.

Building data infrastructure, network capacity, and research engagement. KU Field Station 2014
Bathymetric survey of John Redmond Reservoir. Kansas 2013
Characterization and mapping of sediment thickness and pattern in John Redmond Reservoir. Kansas 2013
Continuing discovery of novel biomedical leads from Kansas plants. University of Kansas 2013
Contracted research with Kansas Dept. of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism Kansas 2013
Enhancements to Internet and communication systems at the KU Field Station. KU Field Station 2013
Evaluation of effectiveness of wetlands in nutrient reduction. 2013
Floristic quality of sites in southeast Kansas. Kansas 2013
Human and natural forcings of critical zone dynamics and evolution at the Calhoun Critical Zone Observatory. 2013
Impact assessment of the proposed Lawrence waste water treatment plant on the Wakarusa River: a long-term monitoring/assessment strategy. Wakarusa River, Lawrence, Kansas 2013
Kansas Reservoir Data Portal. Kansas 2013
Management of protected and sensitive species data for environmental review and state wildlife conservation planning. Kansas 2013
New sources of nutritional properties from plants. 2013
Playa mapping and assessment. Kansas 2013
Post-Bank Stabilization Fish Monitoring on the Cottonwood River Cottonwood River, Lyon Co. KS 2013
Post-bank stabilization monitoring on the Neosho River – a fish survey. Neosho River, Lyon Co., KS 2013
SLIE Database setup and query procedure. 2013
South Platte DEM Processing and SLIE Development. 2013
Stateview Program Development and Operations for the State of Kansas. Kansas 2013
Updating eastern Kansas inundation extent libraries using LiDAR and stand alone inundation mapping software tool development. Kansas 2013