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Martinko, E. A., J.W. Merchant, E. Gurria, J. Poracsky, G. Tappan, E.R. Kipp. 1980. Land use-land cover inventory of the proposed Pine Ford Lake project, Missouri. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service 12 pp.
deNoyelles, J., D. Reinke, R. Knoechel, D. Treanor, C. Altenhofen. 1980. Continuous culturing of natural phytoplankton communities in the Experimental Lakes Area--effects of enclosure, in situ incubation, light, phosphorus and cadmium. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 37:424-433.
deNoyelles, J., D. Reinke, D. Treanor, C. Altenhofen. 1980. In situ continuous culturing of lake phytoplankton communities. Microcosms in Ecological Research. Savannah, GA:SREL. 489-512.
deNoyelles, J., W. Kettle. 1980. Experimental pond studies demonstrating the development of responses to a herbicide (atrazine) resulting from altered interactions among plankton species. Environmental Protection Agency 50 pp.
deNoyelles, J., W. Kettle. 1980. Herbicides in Kanas waters--evaluations of the effects of agricultural runoff and aquatic weed control on aquatic food chains. Department of the Interior No. 219:40 pp.
Huggins, D. 1980. The Spongillaflies (Neuroptera: Sisyridae) of Kansas. Technical Publications of the State Biological Survey of Kansas 9:67-70.
Huggins, D. 1980. The occurrence of the glass shrimp, Palaemonetes kadiokensis Rathburn in Kansas. Technical Publications of the State Biological Survey of Kansas 9:12-14.
Collins, J., J.L. Knight. 1980. Crotalus horridus Linnaeus, Timber Rattlesnake. Catalogue of American Amphibians and Reptiles. Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles. 253.1-253.2.
Knoechel, R., J. deNoyelles. 1980. An analysis of the response of hypolimnetic phytoplankton in continuous culture to increased light or phosphorus using track autoradiography. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 37:434-441.
Carnes, B.A. 1980. Habitat selection in a prairie rodent community. Ph.D. Dissertation., Department of Systematics and Ecology, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS. 40 p.
Kettle, W., J. deNoyelles, and C.H. Lei. 1980. Oxygen consumption of zooplankton as affected by laboratory and field cadmium exposures. Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 25:547-553.
Glass, G.E. and N.A. Slade. 1980. Population structure as a predictor of spatial association between Sigmodon hispidus and Microtus ochrogaster. Journal of Mammalogy 61(3):473-485.
Gorton, R.E. Jr. 1980. A comparative ecological study of the wood cockroaches in northeastern Kansas. University of Kansas Science Bulletin 52(2):21-30.
Vivas P., A.M. 1980. Adrenocortical activity and population regulation in Microtus ochrogaster. Ph.D. Dissertation. University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS. 74 p.
Breeding bird populations of selected oak-hickory forests in northeastern Kansas...Citation pending
Gamboa, G.J. 1980. Comparative timing of brood development between multiple- and single-foundress colonies of the paper wasp, Polistes metricus. Ecological Entomology 5:221-225.
Gaines, M.S. and L.R. McClenaghan Jr. 1980. Dispersal in small mammals. Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics 11:163-196.
Lei, C.H. and K.B. Armitage. 1980. Ecological energetics of a Daphnia ambigua population. Hydrobiologia 70:133-143.
Lei, C.H. and K.B. Armitage. 1980. Energy budget of Daphnia ambigua Scourfield. Journal of Plankton Research 2(4):261-281.
Gaines, M.S. and T.S. Whittam. 1980. Genetic changes in fluctuating vole populations: selective vs. nonselective forces. Genetics 96:767-778.


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