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Kaushal, S.S., A.J. Gold, S. Bernal, T.A. Newcomer Johnson, K. Addy, A. J. Burgin, D.A Burns, A.A. Coble, E. Hood, Y. Lu, P. Mayer, E.C. Minor, A.W. Schroth, P. Vidon, H. Wilson, M.A. Xenopoulos, T. Doody, J.G. Galella, P. Goodling, K. Haviland, S. Haq, B. Wessel, K.L. Wood, N. Jaworsky, and K.T. Belt. Watershed “chemical cocktails”: forming novel elemental combinations in Anthropocene fresh waters. Biogeochemistry 141: 281-305.
Rogers, D.C., T.-C. Chang, and Y.-C Wang. 2017. A new Eocyzicus (Branchiopoda: Spinicaudata) from Taiwan, with a review of the genus. Zootaxa 4318: 254-270.
Koziol, L., G. House, J. Bauer, E. Middleton, P.A. Schultz, and J.D. Bever. 2017. A practical guide to inoculation with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in ecological restoration (SERDP Technical Report). http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/1042964.pdf
van Tassel, D.L., J.K. Albrecht, J.D. Bever, A.A. Boe, Y. Brandvain, T.E. Crews, M. Gansberger, P. Gerstberger, L. González-Paleo, B.S. Hulke, N.C. Kane, P.J. Johnson, E.G. Pestsova, V.D. Picasso Risso, J.R. Prasifka, D.A. Ravetta, B. Schlautman, C.C. Sheaffer, K.P. Smith, P.R. Speranza, M.K. Turner, A.E. Vilela, P. von-Gehren, and C. Weaver. 2017. Accelerating Silphium domestication: an opportunity to develop new crop ideotypes and breeding strategies informed by multiple disciplines. Crop Science, 57, 1274-1284.
Ivey, C.D., J.M. Besser, C.G. Ingersoll, N. Wang, D.C. Rogers, S. Raimondo, C.R. Bauer, and E.J. Hammer. 2017. Acute sensitivity of the vernal pool fairy shrimp, Branchinecta lynchi (Anostraca; Branchinectidae), and surrogate species to ten chemicals. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 36:797-806.
Allen, E.A., D. Pilson, H.M. Alexander, and B. Tenhumberg. 2017. Assessing the influence of temporal autocorrelations on the population dynamics of a disturbance specialist plant population in a random environment. American Naturalist 10.1086/692911.
Gong, X.Y., R. Schäufele, C.A. Lehmeier, T. Tcherkez, H. Schnyder. 2017. Atmospheric CO2 mole fraction affects stand-scale carbon use efficiency of sunflower by stimulating respiration in light. Plant, Cell & Environment 40: 401-412.
Segal, L., D. Miller, R. McGhee, T. Loecke, K. Cook, C. Shapiro, and R. Drijber. 2017. Bacterial and archaeal ammonia oxidizers respond differently to long-term tillage and fertilizer management at a continuous maize site. Soil & Tillage Research 168:110-117.
Ziegler, S.E., R. Benner, S.A. Billings, K.A. Edwards, M. Philben, X. Zhu, and J. Laganière. 2017. Climate warming can accelerate carbon fluxes without changing soil carbon stocks. Frontiers in Earth Science, Vol. 5, Article 2. doi:10.3389/feart.2017.00002
Shi, P., D.A. Ratkowsky, N. Wang, Y. Li, L. Zhao, G.V.P. Reddy and B. Li. 2017. Comparison of five methods for parameter estimation under Taylor’s power law. Ecological Complexity. 32: 121-130. DOI: 10.1016/j.ecocom.2017.10.006.
Huggins, D., J. Kastens, D. Baker, and C. Freeman. 2017. Conversion of existing farm ponds to wetlands in agricultural landscapes for mitigation, land use treatment and conservation with a perspective toward climate change. Kansas Biological Survey Report No. 189. 91 pp.download pdf
Alexander, H.M., E. Bruns, H. Schebor, and C.C. Malmstrom. 2017. Crop-associated virus infection in a native perennial grass: reduction in plant fitness and dynamic patterns of virus detection. Journal of Ecology 105: 1021-1031.
Huggins, D., J. Kastens, D. Baker, and C. Freeman. 2017. Development of Missouri Reference Wetlands. Kansas Biological Survey Report No. 192. 47pp.download pdf
Keane B., F.R. Castelli, H. Davis, T.O. Crist, and N.G. Solomon. 2017. Effects of avpr1a length polymorphism on male social behavior and reproduction in semi-natural populations of prairie voles (Microtus ochrogaster). Ethology 123: 675-688.
Sigvardt, Z.M.S., D.C. Rogers, and J. Olesen. 2017. Evolution and functionality of clasping in spinicaudatan clam shrimps (Crustacea: Branchiopoda), with a comparison to laevicaudatan and cyclestheridian clam shrimps. Journal of Morphology 278:523-546.
Harris, T.D. 2017. Factors affecting local, regional, and global scale cyanobacterial dominance and secondary metabolite occurrence. Lawrence, Kansas: University of Kansas. (PhD dissertation.)
Kindscher, K., L.M. Martin and A.S. Isenburg. 2017. Floristic quality analysis and plot diversity for Cherokee and Labette County Trust Lands. Lawrence, Kansas.
Denning, K.R. and B.L. Foster. 2017. Flower visitor communities are similar on remnant and reconstructed tallgrass prairies despite forb community differences. Restoration Ecology Version of Record online: October 2017. doi: 10.1111/rec.12615.
Collins, C.D., C. Banks-Leite, L.A. Brudvig, B.L. Foster, W.M. Cook, E.I. Damschen, A. Andrade, M. Austin, J.L. Camargo, D.A. Driscoll, R.D. Holt, W.F. Laurance, A.O. Nicholls, and J.L. Orrock. 2017. Fragmentation affects plant community composition over time. Ecography 40: 119-130. doi:10.1111/ecog.02607.
Chang, H., H.M. Alexander, E. Mutegi, and A.A. Snow. 2017. Habitat restoration and native grass conservation: a case study of Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum). Restoration Ecology 26: 506-515.


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