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Timm, R.M., and S.B. McLaren. 2019. ASM leadership and management. Journal of Mammalogy. 100(3): 646–655.
Wang, G., C. Ye, J. Zhang, L. Koziol, J.D. Bever, X. Li. 2019. Asymmetric facilitation induced by inoculation with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi leads to overyielding in maize/faba bean intercropping. Journal of Plant Interactions. 2019;14(1):10–20. doi:10.1080/17429145.2018.1550218.
Koziol, L., T. Crews, J.D. Bever. 2019. Benefits of native mycorrhizal amendments to perennial agroecosystems increases with field inoculation density. Agronomy. 2019;9, 353:1–14. doi:doi:10.3390/agronomy9070353.
House, G.L., J.D. Bever. 2019. Biochar soil amendments in prairie restorations do not interfere with benefits from inoculation with native arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. Restoration Ecology. 2019. doi:10.1111/rec.12924.
Scott, D.A., Rosenzweig, S.T., Baer, S.G., and Blair, J.M. 2019. Changes in potential nitrous oxide efflux during grassland restoration. Journal of Environmental Quality, 48(6), 1913-1917. <Go to ISI>://WOS:000493977400042 doi:10.2134/jeq2019.05.0187
Duell, E., J.D. Bever, G. Wilson. 2019. Climate affects plant-soil feedbacks of native and invasive grasses: Negative feedbacks in stable but not variable environments. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution. 2019;10.3389/fevo.2019.00419. doi:10.3389/fevo.2019.00419.
Maasri, A., J.H. Thorp, F. Tromboni, S.J. Kenner. 2019. Communities associated with the functional process scale: a case study of stream macroinvertebrates. Science of the Total Environment. 2019;677:184–193.
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Billings, S.A., Daniel de B. Richter, S.E. Ziegler, K. Prestegaard, A.M. Wade. 2019. Distinct contributions of eroding and depositional profiles to land-atmosphere CO2 exchange in two contrasting forests. Frontiers in Earth Science. 2019;7. doi:10.3389/feart.2019.00036.
Scott, D.A., and Baer, S.G. 2019. Diversity patterns from sequentially restored grasslands support the “environmental heterogeneity hypothesis.” Oikos, 128(8), 1116-1122. <Go to ISI>://WOS:000478622500005 doi:10.1111/oik.05877
Brewer, T.E., E.L. Aronson, K. Arogyaswamy, S.A. Billings, J.K. Botthoff, A.N. Campbell, N.C. Dove, D. Fairbanks, R.E. Gallery, S.C. Hart, et al. 2019. Ecological and genomic attributes of novel bacterial taxa that thrive in subsurface soil horizons. MBIO. 2019;10(5). doi:10.1128/mBio.01318-19.
Schutte, U.M.E., J.A. Henning, Y. Ye, A. Bowling, J. Ford, M. Turetsky, M. Waldrop, J.R. White, J.D. Bever. 2019. Effect of permafrost thaw on plant and soil fungal community in the boreal forest: Does fungal community change mediate plant productivity response? Journal of Ecology. 2019;107:1817–1827.
Timm, R.M., and S.B. McLaren. 2019. Evolution of the ASM’s pronghorn. Journal of Mammalogy. 100(1): 1–2.
Sigvardt, Z.M.S., D.C. Rogers, P. De Los Ríos, F. Palero, and J. Olesen. 2019. First molecular phylogeny of Laevicaudata (Crustacea: Branchiopoda) with description of a new species of Lynceus from Chile and an updated key to species in the Americas. Invertebrate Systematics 33: 597-617.download pdf
Semenova-Nelsen, T.A., W.J. Platt, T.R. Patterson, J. Huffman, B.A. Sikes. 2019. Frequent fire reorganizes fungal communities and slows decomposition across a heterogeneous pine savanna landscape. New Phytologist. 2019.
Romero, A., M.E. Mort, J.A. DeWoody, and R.M. Timm. 2019. Genetic relationships of Caribbean lowland spiny pocket mice (Heteromys desmarestianus: Rodentia; Heteromyidae): evidence of a distinct mitochondrial lineage. Therya.10(3): 309–318.
Komatsu, K.J., ... Baer, S.G., ... Foster, B., et al. 2019. Global change effects on plant communities are magnified by time and the number of global change factors imposed. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 116(36), 17867-17873. <Go to ISI>://WOS:000485140300046 doi:10.1073/pnas.1819027116
Timm, R.M., G.S. Jones, T.W. French, and J.E. Cardoza. 2019. Historical documentation of the Allegheny Woodrat (Neotoma magister) in Massachusetts. Northeastern Naturalist. 26(4): N46–N51.
York, H.A., B. Rodríguez-Herrera, R.K. LaVal, and R.M. Timm, Illustrated by K.E. Lindsay. 2019. Field key to the bats of Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Journal of Mammalogy. 100(6): 1726–1749.
Delavaux, Camille. 2019. Invisible microbes impact global plant distribution: The mycorrhizal fungi." Nature Ecology and Evolution, Feb. 25, 2019. https://natureecoevocommunity.nature.com/users/208052-camille-delavaux/posts/44558-invisible-microbes-impact-global-plant-distribution-the-mycorrhizal-fungi


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