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Nutrient Criteria Workgroup

US EPA's Regional Technical Assistance Group (RTAG) for EPA Region 7:

  • Consists of CPCB and state, tribal, and university agencies.
  • To establish nutrient criteria for lakes, streams, and wetlands of the US EPA Region 7.
  • The EPA's Clean Water Action Plan 1998 goal is to protect aquatic life from nutrient overenrichment.
  • See National Strategy for the Development of Regional Nutrient Criteria (US EPA 1998).

Once guideline nutrient criteria are determined:

  • Development phase: The USEPA will provide assistance to State and Tribes to develop nutrient criteria to be expressed as numerical ranges.
  • Implementation phase: States and Tribes will include the developed criteria as part of their water quality standards within three years after developing the criteria.

Denver Nov. 2008 Region 7 and 8 meeting

Dodds, Walter K. et al. 2009. Eutrophication of U.S. Freshwaters: Analysis of Potential Economic Damages. Env. Sci. & Tech. 43(1):12-19.

USEPA Headquarters - Steve Potts

Region 7 streams and lakes - Gary Welker

Montana - Mike Suplee slides, click for flow chart

South Dakota - Jan Stevenson

Missouri - Mark Osborn

North Dakota - Mike Ell

Colorado - Jim Saunders


CPCB has assembled a wetland database for the RTAG to examine to determine potential classification schemes and reference condition schemes for use in nutrient criteria. Click to download or link to the various documents used in the Region 7 wetland database

CPCB reference wetland talk (pdf)

CPCB MO floodplain talk (pdf)

Wetland classification issues (pdf)

RTAG talk (pdf)

R7 data

Wetland classification

CPCB studies


The Region 7 Lake Nutrient Criteria document is completed and available below. During the lake meetings, the RTAG developed a list of reference lakes located in USEPA Region 7.

Map of lakes in USEPA Region 7 RTAG database, with Omernik Level III ecoregions.


Map of stream sites in USEPA Region 7 database, ecoregion legend is above.

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