KU Ecosystems Research Group

Prof. Sharon Billings in her laboratory at the Kansas Biological Survey.

KU Ecosystems Research Group is a multidisciplinary consortium of researchers who seek to understand how terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems around the world function. This group, led by KU professor and scientist Sharon Billings, comprises faculty, postdoctoral researchers and students who explore Earth’s vegetation, soil, water, ice and climate using diverse approaches. The group seeks to understand terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and their interactions with each other and the atmosphere, particularly in the context of climate change and land use. It also explores the linkages among climate, atmospheric composition and ice dynamics.

These researchers work in the grasslands, rivers and croplands of North America’s Central Plains, the temperate and boreal forests of the U.S. and Canada, the rivers of China and Australia, the Pacific Ocean, and Greenland and Antarctica. Many conduct integrative studies across multiple systems to elucidate broad patterns of community development and nutrient, water and carbon use, as well as Earth’s responses to climate.

The University of Kansas supports excellent research facilities valuable for the group's work. These facilities range from the KU Field Station, which encompasses grasslands, forests and aquatic systems and offers logistical support; to equipment and laboratory space for studies; to state-of-the-art laboratory facilities on campus enabling a wide range of investigations. Learn more about these facilities using the links below.

Keck Stable Isotope Facility: http://people.ku.edu/~lgonzlez/isolab.html

Mass spectrometry lab: http://msl.ku.edu/

Nuclear magnetic resonance lab: https://nmrlab.ku.edu/

High throughput screening lab: http://www.hts.ku.edu/

Applied bioinformatics laboratory: http://www.abl.ku.edu/



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