W. Dean Kettle

Research Programs Director, KU Field Station
Primary office:
153 Higuchi Hall


Academic degrees
Ph.D., Systematics and Ecology, University of Kansas, 1982
M.A., Systematics and Ecology, University of Kansas, 1979
B.A., Biology, University of Kansas, 1975

Program affiliation
KU Field Station

Area of specialization
Community ecology, natural resources management and planning

Research interests

  • Land use history impacts on ecological communities in agricultural landscapes
  • Ecological monitoring
  • Conservation biology
  • Restoration ecology

Selected publications

Alexander, H.M., C.D. Collins, A. Reed, W.D. Kettle, D. Collis, L. Christiana, and V.B. Salisbury. Long-term study of a rare annual plant (Agalinis auriculata) in a remnant prairie and an oldfield: effects of Juniperus virginiana. Ecology and Evolution (accepted 2018).

Shefferson, R.P., T. Kull, M.J. Hutchings, M. Selosse, H. Jacquemyn, K.M. Kellett, E.S. Menges, R.B. Primack, J. Tuomi, K. Alahuhta, S. Hurskainen, H.M. Alexander, D.S. Anderson, R. Brys, E. Brzosko, S. Dostálik, K. Gregg, Z. Ipser, A. Jäkäläniemi, J. Jersáková, W.D. Kettle, M.K. McCormick, A. Mendoza, M.T. Miller, A. Moen, D. Øien, Ü. Püttsepp, M. Roy, N. Sather, N. Sletvold, Z. Štípková, K. Tali, R.J. Warren II, D.F. Whigham. 2018. Drivers of vegetative dormancy across herbaceous perennial plant species. Ecology Letters 21(5):724-733. DOI: https://doi.org/10.5061/dryad.m54358

Kettle, W.D. 2016. The University of Kansas Field Station: A platform for studying ecological and hydrological aspects of climate change. Trans. Kan. Acad. Science 119:12-20.

Whittemore, D. and W. D. Kettle. 2016. Symposium overview: Ecology and climate change research at Kanas natural areas and field stations. Trans. Kan. Acad. Science 119:1-4.

Alexander, H.M., A.W. Reed, W.D. Kettle, N.A. Slade, S.A. Bodbyl Roels, C.D. Collins, and V. Salisbury. 2012. Detection and plant monitoring programs: lessons from an intensive survey of Asclepias meadii with five observers. PLOS ONE 7(12): e52762. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0052762. download pdf

Ashworth, S.A. and W.D. Kettle. 2010. Response of herbaceous plant community after removal of woody vegetation in a tallgrass prairie restoration. Proceedings of the 22nd North American Conference, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls (Iowa).

Alexander, H.M., N.A. Slade, W.D. Kettle, G.L Pittman and A.W. Reed. 2009. Detection, survival rates, and dynamics of a cryptic plant, Asclepias meadii: applications of mark-recapture models to long-term monitoring studies. Journal of Applied Ecology 97:267-276.

Wang, J., P.M. Rich, K.P. Price, and W.D. Kettle.  2005. Relations between NDVI, grassland production, and crop yield in the Central Great Plains.  Geocarto International 20:5-11.

Wang, J., P.M. Rich, K.P. Price, and W.D. Kettle.  2004.  Relations between NDVI and tree productivity in the central Great Plains.  International Journal of Remote Sensing 25(16):3127-3138.

Slade, N.A., H.M. Alexander, and W.D. Kettle.  2003.  Estimation of population size and probabilities of survival and detection in a population of Mead’s milkweed.  Ecology 84(3):791-797.

Kettle, W.D., R.H. Hagen, F. deNoyelles, Jr., and E.A. Martinko.  2001.  The University of Kansas Field Station and Ecological Reserves: a Half Century of Research and Education. Miscellaneous Publication Number 9, Kansas Biological Survey, Lawrence, KS.  68 pp.

Kettle, W., P.M. Rich, K. Kindscher, G. Pittman, P. Fu. 2000. Land-use history in ecosystem restoration: A 40-year study in the prairie-forest ecotone. Restoration Ecology 8(3):307-317. download pdf

Kettle, W.D., H.M. Alexander, and G.L. Pittman.  2000.  An 11-year ecological study of a rare prairie perennial: implications for monitoring and management.  American Midland Naturalist 144:66-77.

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