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Maggie R. Wagner

Assistant Scientist, Kansas Biological Survey
Assistant Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Primary office:


Academic degrees
Ph.D., Genetics and Genomics, Duke University, 2016
B.S., Plant Biology, University of Michigan, 2009

Program affiliation
KU Ecosystems Research Group

Area of specialization
Plant-microbe interactions

Research interests
Plants live in tight association with complex communities of bacteria, fungi, and other microbes. The plant's phenotype--which is the product of both genes and environment--determines the habitat available to these microbial symbionts, which in turn can profoundly affect the health and productivity of their hosts.

Research in Maggie's lab focuses on how genetic variation within plant species shapes the composition and function of plant-associated microbial communities. The lab also investigates how microbial symbionts act as part of the plant's environment to influence host phenotype. The broad goal of this research is to better understand the complex relationship between host genotype, abiotic environment, microbial neighbors, and host phenotype. More specific goals include clarifying how plant-microbiome interactions evolved, and discovering patterns and mechanisms that will guide development of microbial tools for sustainable agriculture.

Please refer to Maggie's Google Scholar profile for a list of her publications.

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