Understanding our environment

Debbie Baker

Assistant Director and Informatics Specialist, Central Plains Center for BioAssessment
Primary office:
41B Higuchi Hall

Academic degrees
Master of Historical Administration and Museum Studies, University of Kansas, 2000
M.S., Wildlife Biology, University of Nebraska, 1997
B.S., Biology, Grove City College, 1994

Program affiliation
Central Plains Center for BioAssessment

Areas of specialization
Informatics and aquatic ecology—Baker is responsible for managing the day-to-day activities of the center, coordinating field activities and developing databases of lake, stream and wetland nutrient parameters and biocriteria for EPA Region 7.

Research interests
Reconciling disparate sampling methods and databases of aquatic research and monitoring entities in the Central Plains.  Impact of environmental education in developing countries.

Recent publications
  • Huggins, D., J. Kastens, D. Baker, and C. Freeman. 2017. Development of Missouri Reference Wetlands. Kansas Biological Survey Report No. 192. 47pp.download pdf
  • Baker, D. and D. Huggins. 2016. Pre- and post-bank stabilization monitoring on the Cottonwood River – a fish survey. Kansas Biological Survey Report No.185. 23pp.download pdf
  • Martinko E. and J. deNoyelles, K. Bosnak, M. Jakubauskas, D. Huggins, J. Kastens, A. Shreders, D. Baker, A. Blackwood, S. Campbell, C. Rogers. 2014. Atlas of Kansas Lakes: A resource for communities, policy makers and planners. A publication of the Kansas Biological Survey. 242 pages.
  • Baker, D., R. Everhart, D. Huggins, L. Bennett, A. Blackwood. 2014. Biological impairment in three Kansas reservoirs and associated lotic ecosystems due to sediment and nutrients. Kansas Biological Survey, Lawrence, KS 178:39.download pdf
  • Huggins, D., S. Tammareddi, D. Baker. 2012. Assessment of the Great Bend Station (Sunflower Electric Power Corporation) Selenium Discharge on a Tributary of Dry Walnut Creek (Barton Co., KS). Kansas Biological Survey, Lawrence, KS Report No. 172:44 pp.download pdf
  • B. Hayford and D. Baker. 2011. LakeLine: Lakes of the Nebraska Sand Hills. Winter 2011, 26-30.download pdf
  • Koontz, J., D. Huggins, C. C. Freeman, D. Baker. 2010. Assessment of floodplain wetlands of the lower Missouri River using an EMAP study approach, Phase II: Verification of rapid assessment tools. Kansas Biological Survey, Lawrence, KS Report No. 165:82 pp.download pdf
  • Baker, D., D. Huggins. 2010. Comparison of snag and shoreline macroinvertebrate samples--a bioassessment of the Missouri River. Kansas Biological Survey, Lawrence, KS Report No. 161:16 pp.download pdf
  • Huggins, D., M. Jakubauskas, D. Baker, T. Hammer. 2010. Determining the Utility and Adaptability of Remote Sensing in Monitoring and Assessing Reservoir Eutrophication and Turbidity for TMDL Assessments. Kansas Biological Survey, Lawrence, KS Report No. 171:58 pp. http://www.cpcb.ku.edu/datalibrary/...download pdf
  • D. Baker and Huggins. Estimating historic biological integrity in wadeable streams of the Central Plains—A disturbance gradient approach. Kansas Natural Resources Conference. 2010. Wichita, KS.download pdf