CPCB Workgroups

The Central Plains Center for BioAssessment is a member of several workgroups of cooperating participants from different organizations who work toward a common goal, such as organization of workshops or development of criteria.

Biological Criteria Workgroup
The Biocriteria Workgroup is developing regional reference condition guidelines for streams, with particular focus on establishing guidelines for key physical, chemical, habitat, and biological variables for 250 regional reference streams. The workgroup also develops topics of interest for the biocriteria workshops hosted by CPCB.
Nutrient Criteria Workgroup
The Nutrient Criteria Workgroup, also called the "U.S. EPA Region 7 Regional Technical Assistance Group," works together to establish nutrient criteria for lakes, streams, and wetlands of the U.S. EPA Region 7 and the Central Plains Region.
This workgroup consists of scientists from Regions 7 and 8 to establish nutrient criteria for the Missouri River.
CPCB facilitates a regional sediment workgroup consisting of aquatic ecologists, biologists, and hydrologists from throughout EPA Region 7 to evaluate linkages between sediment indicators and biological indicators within streams of the Central Plains region. The overall goal of this project is to promote the identification, quantification, and understanding of sediment and sediment erosion processes on aquatic life.

Taste and Odor Workgroup
The Taste and Odor Workgroup was created in 2006 to help translate up-to-date scientific research into practical water resource management and treatment strategies. The workgroup consists of scientists and representatives from university, state and federal agencies and water treatment facilities.


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