Central Plains Center for BioAssessment: Publications

Huggins, D. and D. Baker. 2015. Diagnostic study of the lakes Laborde (or Lake Cocoyer), Lachaux, and Douat to identify zones of protection. Kansas Biological Survey Report No. 181. 76pp.download pdf
Baker, D., R. Everhart, D. Huggins, L. Bennett, A. Blackwood. 2014. Biological impairment in three Kansas reservoirs and associated lotic ecosystems due to sediment and nutrients. Kansas Biological Survey, Lawrence, KS 178:39.download pdf
Yelton, J., D. Huggins, S. Randtke. 2013. Plant Community Effects on Atrazine in Grassed Mesocosms. Kansas Biological Survey, Lawrence, KS 175:60.download pdf
Huggins, D., S. Tammareddi, D. Baker. 2012. Assessment of the Great Bend Station (Sunflower Electric Power Corporation) Selenium Discharge on a Tributary of Dry Walnut Creek (Barton Co., KS). Kansas Biological Survey, Lawrence, KS Report No. 172:44 pp.download pdf
B. Hayford and D. Baker. 2011. LakeLine: Lakes of the Nebraska Sand Hills. Winter 2011, 26-30.download pdf
USEPA Regional Technical Advisory Group. 2011. Nutrient Reference Condition Identification and Ambient Water Quality Benchmark Development Process, Freshwater Lakes and Reservoirs within USEPA Region 7. Kansas Biological Survey, Lawrence, KS 42pp.download pdf
Estimating historic biological integrity in wadeable streams of the Central Plains download pdf
Huggins, D., R. Everhart, A. Blackwood. 2010. Final report on the potential effects of Jeffrey Energy Center effluent on the fish community of Lost Creek and unnamed receiving tributary. Kansas Biological Survey, Lawrence, KS Report No. 163:30 pp.download pdf
Koontz, J., D. Huggins, C. C. Freeman, D. Baker. 2010. Assessment of floodplain wetlands of the lower Missouri River using an EMAP study approach, Phase II: Verification of rapid assessment tools. Kansas Biological Survey, Lawrence, KS Report No. 165:82 pp.download pdf
Baker, D., D. Huggins. 2010. Comparison of snag and shoreline macroinvertebrate samples--a bioassessment of the Missouri River. Kansas Biological Survey, Lawrence, KS Report No. 161:16 pp.download pdf


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